Weekend over :(

Okay, I've thought trough this, and it seems like a good idea?
I'm gonna write one English post every week. sounds good?
This one is for Vikky (No Superhero) because she is my only English reader, and I don't think she understands Norwegian! oh, btw, she is a kick-ass drawer!!!

Now it's only a couple of hours till school, again...

How's it going with you all after your watches are turned back an hour?!
It feels great having an hour extra today!

Anywayyy: Yesterday there was a jumble sale just down the road, and I bought 4 VHS ("Schindlers liste", "The devils loyer", "American Pie" and and "Lord of the rings - two towers") and the pink Britney Spears perfume.

I got all of it for 25 kr (£2.5) 5 kr (50 p) every piece :O

My weekend
has been great! Celine slept over at my house till Saturday, and I went to her place yesterday and slept there till today!
We met one of our friends (a guy actually, and he's not gay... everyone says he is, but he's NOT!) and had fuuun :)

tbh, I don't know the lyrics, so I just sang ;P
it was 11 pm or something and we were totally HYPER!
oh, and it's me at the end saying some silly stuff! [I think I'm saying aha?]
and another thing: you only see the weather outside... it's totally black. (we were jumping down the road...)

(this is actually the first thing I put out of my voice, congratulate me! nah, just kidding!)


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