Marley & Me

Marley & me :)
it's such a cute movie!
and it's reeeeally sad at the end :'(
We watched it in a birthday party, and two of us started to cry (included me!)

it's about this couple, Mr. & Mrs. Grogan --->
Mrs. Grogan wants kids, but Mr. Grogan gets her a dog instead!
it's "the worst dog ever" which they call Marley.
They get kids aswell some years after, three to be precisely!

there's funny bits, and some sad bits in the movie, so if you HAVE to laugh all the time, you shouldn't watch this. it's not a comedy...
it's more a... girly-type movie, I would say :)

Today I got this ice cream for only 11 kr :D
as you can see, it's a raspberry flavoured one ^^
really good!

If I'm in a good mood, I listen to this, and I get in a even better mood :D

Walking on sunshine - Katarina and the waves


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