A House Of Night Novel

4th book finished and "done" with :D
I had real nightmares of people dying night to Sunday and Monday, because I read the book before I went to sleep :'(

It was creepy as HELL.
I mean it.
And totally sad.
But I won't tell you what happened, in case you haven't read the first 3 books (and this one)

[cover of the American version of the book, same as the UK version, except the blue writing ^^]

Today was a glorious day :)
Oh, and "Star Girl by McFly to be played in space! The station crew will hear the song during the Oct. 21 ISS Tweetup". posted by @NASA 1 hour ago. http://tinyurl.com/ya7m2f7"

WOW! Gongrats to all McFly fans, and McFly themselves :)


2 kommentarer:

  1. høres ut som en spennende bok serie. Kanskje jeg skal lese de en gang :D

  2. det burde du absolutt :)
    anbefales på det STERKESTE :D