sleepover :D

I'm really excited!
Martine and Sofie (and me^^) are going to sleep in Martines garage :D
we're gonna watch todays episode of Gray's Anothomy, Martine is serving taco, I'm gonna teach them how to make the indian-ankle-bond :) (fringes...)

We got white snow yesterday !
In ten minutes, it was white :)
I took a picture ------------>

This is my support for
breast-cancer and
blood-cancer :)
My mum knitted me these warmers :)
They're really nice and warm to wear!
And it's a lot of work to make them, coz there's all these little pearls she put on at the beginning, and has to pulll down all the time :P


3 kommentarer:

  1. sleepovers er alltid gøy! Men blir det ikke litt kaldt og sove i en garasje?? xD

  2. det er nemlig en *trommer* LEILIGHET garasje :D:D:D