A flower that's pulled in.

I kinda want to move away from this place. Like I wanted to do in 7th grade.
Get to know new people, but mostly to get away from my "problems".
I told 2 of my friends:

Friend 1: then you'll just be a coward... Deal with your problems instead :)
Friend 2: you haven't really got any problems...

Actually, it's right.
But Love totally sucks!
Wanna know why?

I could never get together with him, thinking about my classmate that's also in love with him!
I know how THAT feels... inside, you just hate the girl who hooks up with your "love".

This morning I was a flower about to spring.
And then I got to know this, and I pulled myself in again.
I think maybe my feelings for him still is inside of me, but aslong as she likes him, and they're flirting, I din't think I can show it.

The feeling is so deep inside of me, that only one person can get it out in the daylight :)


4 kommentarer:

  1. uff da :( ikke en bra følelse..

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