another Norwegian post ^^

noen morsome greier du kan le av ^^

To muligheter i livet
Når du blir født har du to muligheter. Enten så blir du gutt, eller så blir du jente. Blir du jente er det greit, men blir du gutt har du to muligheter. Enten så går du ufrivillig inn i militæret, eller så går du frivillig inn i militæret. Går du ufrivillig inn er det greit, men går du frivillig inn har du to muligheter. Enten så havner du i marinen eller så havner du i hæren. Havner du i marinen er det greit, men havner du i hæren har du to muligheter. Enten så overlever du, eller så dør du. Overlever du er det greit, men dør du har du to muligheter. Enten så havner du i enegrav, eller så havner du i en massegrav. Havner du i enegrav så er det greit, men havner du i en massegrav har du to muligheter. Enten så ligger du nederst, eller så ligger du øverst. Ligger du nederst er det greit, men ligger du øverst har du to muligheter. Enten så vokser du opp og blir en rose eller så blir du et tre. Blir du en rose er det greit, men blir du et tre har du to muligheter. Enten så blir du avispapir eller så blir du dopapir. Blir du avispapir er det greit, men blir du dopapir har du to muligheter. Enten blir du brukt på herretoalettet, eller så blir du brukt på dametoalettet. Blir du brukt på herretoalettet er det greit, men blir du brukt på dametoalettet har du to muligheter. Enten så blir du brukt foran eller så blir du brukt bak. Blir du brukt foran er det greit, men blir du brukt bak kan du jo begynne å lure på hvorfor du gikk frivillig inn i militæret...?

ikke rart folk blir emo!
"Skal det være levis, diesel eller lee
Skal stoffet være demin, bomull eller fleece
Skal den være svart, hvit, blå eller turkis
Svar meg nå please!
Skal den være baggyfit eller slim
Er den til selskapsbruk eller trim?
Skal den være sagd i med sag, eller badet i et syrebad?
Skal den ha sleng eller være streit?
Skal den være påsydd av geit?
Skal den være fillete og full av hull
Da får prislappen en ekstra null"

Skal ikke ta æren for å ha funnet på disse her ;)

club :)

you know these women, who get togehter and talk at each others houses?
well, me and two friends has one of those! just us three tough :P
yesterday, we went to Sofie's house, where she served gele ^^
we talked about everything!
never thought I would have such a serious convo !
really good to get all my thoughts out like that :)

<-------today in school, we made carrotcake !
it wasn't really that good -.-'
we forgot to have oil in it x)




it's been SNOWING!!! ----->
or, it was actually HAIL :D

my day was just destroyed by a "letter" on nettby, from a ex-friend...

oh well, I'm above her level!

wish me good luck with the nature test tomorrow :)




today me and my friend , Lotte, are going to sew together!
gonna make another one of these:

then we're gonna do some training in the training studio :)

gonna post photos tomorrow of my new pencil case !

EDIT: my mum told me her sewing machine was too old, and we didn't have the stuff I needed to make another one of them ^
I brought my knitting, and did three rounds on two hours x)

then we did some training :D


bad self-confidence

you know how it's like, when someone tell you that you look bad, have ugly clothes, you look fat etc?

I'm this person who don't really give a shit to people who tell me stuff like that.
well, if it's bitches, who's not nice, then I don't care at all. But if my one of my friends tells me, and then goes "joking" I start wondering: "what makes them think about it? there must be reason?"

then it's forgotten about.
but, if your mum and/or dad looks at your tummy, and then tells you you have to do more practising, you get hurt.
If it's just once, it's not that bad. You get over it.
then they say it again, that you have to practise more, and stop eating sweets.
"WHO WILL LOVE ME, WITHOUT THINKING I'M FAT, if my mum and dad don't?"

my dad did excactly that. He did it when my friends was visiting, and then went "I didn't say you were fat!"
I've been running and weight lifting everyday. and sit-ups.
no sweets other than Saturdays, and then just a few.

me: "mum, I need a new pair of jeans. the ones I have are to small"
mum: "I haven't heard anything about new trousers? only a new sports-bra and t-shirts."
me: "I've said it loads of times!"
mum: "you got a pair of new ones just recently.
me: "two years ago."
mum: "yeah, it's okay. but you have to stop putting on weight"

I've been trying REALLY hard this autumn to loose weight!
and, honest, I'm not really fat! there's LOADS of people that's soooo much bigger than me!
I'm only 60-someting kilos, and 162 cm high.
I'm not overweight, and I've tried to get more muscels + less fat.
even the boys in my year can see I've got more muscels !

what helped me this time, was (as always) my guitar.
I ran into my room, and got my guitar.
I played "Lonely" by McFly, and felt SO much better :)
thank you McFly for making that song, I really needed it today!


bracelets :)

this is what I found when my jewellery fell down from the shelf!

from left:
-my silver bracelet I got from my gran. I wear it all the time!

-pearl bracelet I also got from my gran.

-friend-thing I got in a mag x)
it says: "best" , wich I share with my little sis!

-my read friend-bracelet I got from Jannicke !
I wear it when I'm not going to the pool :P

-friend-bracelet I made with Lisbet, but I haven't used for years!

-and finally, a bracelet I got from Melissas mum once.
it's old, but Melissa's got the same :)

when I find old stuff, I usually think: it takes space, I have to give it away.
but when it's something with history, I have to keep it ^^


win a goodiebag! (Norwegians^^)


tenk at hun gir bort en goodiebag, med innhold til en verdi av 700 kr :O

spillereglene er, at du må poste innlegget på i en egen post på din egen blogg :)
jeg ville engang ikke hatt råd til det bare til megselv x)



topp !

I got the mag topp today in the post :)
haven't had the time to read it yet, though!

today I had my accordion with me to school!
really when all the ones in my class, and the other ones laughed and smiled :)

OH, AND I GOT 6 (the best grade) IN MATHS!
the whole of last year, I "only" got 5+, because I had these weird mistakes -.-'

first KUNG FU practise tonight :P
looking forward to it, even if all the jealous people say it's tai chi x)



Total spazz!

this is what I met when I got in the door after school!

(McFly books!)
-McFly Wonderland for voice, guitar and piano (and accordion?)
-McFly back to the future
-McFly unauthorized 2005
-McFly unauthorized 2006


woah, I'm in total shock!
because they never came, I didn't really expect them till tomorrow !

I can't believe that I managed to wait with my spazzing till now! (an hour since I came home :O)


retro glasses

did you guys know, that forty years ago, the kids got these for free if they needed glasses ?


my own runner!

the books didn't come today either, and (honestly) I almost cried when I realized!

this is how my runner look like ^^
(I've used 9 houes and £70 making it!)
and it's still not done!!!

the heart (before it was finished) -->

this was how it looked like yesterday (after 3 hours!)

yesterday in school, I "tattooed" my right hand (yes, I am a LEFTIE!)


my books didn't come!

that tells everything !
they didn't arrive today :(
oh well, they'll arrive tomorrow, right? :)

another thing that's cr*p, there won't be Kung Fu today :(
but I'm going with my friend, Lotte, on a sewing course!

Mcfly Wonderland for piano, voice and guitar :)
one of the books I'm waiting in the post!


Betrayed + sleepover ?

book two, written by P.C. Cast, and her daugther Kristen Cast!
continued from the book "Marked".
This is Betrayed, and I have just started it ^^


Today I had two of my friends visiting, and we watched an old news-thingy from primary school!
I laughed sooo much!
we've grown up alot.

I had cut up carrots, and made dip , that I served :)
and we discussed a possible sleepover (involving the whole class!)

oh, and today it was SNOWING ;o

that's all for today


Scones + MARKED!

doesn't these look wonderful?
they were soooo good :D

<---scones + mashed apples ^^
(I don't really like mashed apples!)

Marked by P.C. and Kristin Cast!
it's about Zoey, who get marked (my a tracker) and has to go to the House of Night, to become a vampire over four years.
The rule is simple: if you fail, you die.

I've just finished it (30 mins ago!) and it's really good! it's not as good as Twilight, though, but it's almost !


hot guys!

I tried to control myself, and keep the guys shirts on :P

Tom Fletcher

Harry Judd

Danny Jones
Dougie Poynter

Rupert Grint

Taylor Lautner

Tom Felton


Kung Fu!

first meeting yesterday!
it was really good. and out teacher is a pro ;P
we were there just a bit longer than an hour, but we taught lots!

I will continue , for sure!

also, yesterday I saw "Big daddy" - hilarious :)
today I saw "men that hates Women" - Swedish movie!

tomorrow there's this cinema premiere, the Nutcracker !
gonna be kick-ass :D



storm here!

today... today.
well, tonight there was a storm outside!
and it's really windy.

I'm watching old McFly interviews at the moment :)
popworld ^^

(----> from Heat interview :])

later on I guess I'll practise a bit on the accordion.
and tomorrow there's his Kung Fu practise :D:D




McFly interview :)
it's quite interesting !


vote please?

...for my sweety bag :D


I have 2 votes this week!
press where the red circle is? ^^

Winnie Mandela [book]

I've almost finished this book.
It's really good, and makes me wanna live in Africa and help out undoing the apartheid!
It's a really bad thing (apartheid).
I think it's really good of Winnie Mandela, both being a woman, and "black".
I'm sorry for her and all the others who sat in prison , doing nothing bad!
and how the condition were :O

You should read it!
You will learn a lot!


I made pie for dinner yesterday; it was lovely!
here's a pic :D

Yesterday I'm making Vegetable-cakes ^^

Mgp jr. favourites:

The Black Sheeps <3
The Battery <3

Rachel & Anney

music from 1964 =)

yesterday there an old Top Of The Pops programme went on tv here in Norway ;D
some songs that was quite good:

Peter and Gordon - world wothout love
The Hollies
The Hermann Hermits (you've heard No Milk Today? :P)


cocaine [song]

the song "cocaine" by Nomy, is really catchy, even though the text isn't really something for good girls x)

I sing it all day long!

Catwoman [movie]

last night my family and I watched the movie "Catwoman"
it was really good!
I love it :)

There's this woman called Patience, a normal person who has a cat visiting her apartment.
what's weird with that?
well, the cat walks out Patience's window, and Patience climbs out to get the cat down from the "danger".
This police man sees Patience, and thinks she is trying to jump, and the cat is gone.

Later in the movie Patience accidently hear something she shouldn't and get killed.
She get a new life after that.


I get so frustrated!
I have now vacuumed 6 rooms in our house, but no thank you's "/
even done one more room than I had to! (it hasn't been vacuumed since x-mas :O)

oh well, this helped anyway :D
it's mgp jr. 2009 on NRK1 today, I might watch it ^^
and, I'm making dinner today and tomorrow !


Birthday party .

after school, I went to my friends b-day party ^^
some girls there eating pizza and watching "a confession of a shoppaholic" it's really good :D

it's getting dark, mid-night sun isn't here anymore "/
black in the middle of the night now!

if anyone would like to help me would my blog, it will be appriciated ;D


new to this!

hiya all!
I dunno if the rest of my profile is in English or Norwegian?
to prove me; www.twitter.com/motionocean is me :)

tell me what you all think!