todays story(ies) ^^

<---- I thought it looked sweet :)
A heart in a apple ^^
I just took a bite !

1.okay, for you people to know...
I have 1 (O-n-e) follower, and she is English.
otherwise, there's only Norwegian readers, so why do this in English you might wonder?
just a few people at my school seem to know the language English and ask me why.

well, the reason is: I am facinated by my other half than Norwegian.
I feel better when I write on English, and I practise it at the same time.
Maybe I'll be bloging in Norwegian later (later, as in a week, a month?) maybe...

2.I feel kinda rude atm. Or, to be precisely, all day (and yesterday)
I'm sorry all my friends if I've made you feel bad!
I'm normally not like this "/

What do you (reader) think? :)


3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg synes du bare kan fortsette å skrive engelsk jeg :) Alle norske skjønner jo engelsk, mens hun engelske skjønner jo ikke norsk :P

  2. det har du faktisk helt rett i! :)
    hadde ikke tenkt på den versjonen :P
    takk Linn :D