death treats

yup, I've got them :(

1.last week, I brought my accordion to school, and my friend heard a classmate say she was gong to kill "that bitch".
2.today, three of my friends I've known since I was little, told me they were going to kill me if I'd said to the teacher we had to dance :O

it's not that I get afraid, but it's not fun when people you know say stuff like that!
it's really immature!
They have to be really jealous of me or something ? .....

4 kommentarer:

  1. omg, childish beaviour if you ask me! Dont care about it , im sure they are just jealous !

  2. thank you Anita :)
    let's hope so ! :P

  3. Wow, that's really childish =/ I hope you won't be affected by it =)

  4. yeah, I think so too!
    thanks Karina !
    I hope not :)