topp !

I got the mag topp today in the post :)
haven't had the time to read it yet, though!

today I had my accordion with me to school!
really when all the ones in my class, and the other ones laughed and smiled :)

OH, AND I GOT 6 (the best grade) IN MATHS!
the whole of last year, I "only" got 5+, because I had these weird mistakes -.-'

first KUNG FU practise tonight :P
looking forward to it, even if all the jealous people say it's tai chi x)


6 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats on the 6 in math!!

    Have fun at kung fu! :D:D

    Jannicke <3

  2. thankyou Jannicke :D
    it was GREAT ^^

  3. 6'er i matte?!? geese, grattis! :D i 9. klasse hadde jeg 2 i matte haha x)

  4. taakk :D
    er så glad for første 6'er!!
    uffda "/
    det er mange i klassen som har 2'ere :P

  5. Gratulerer med 6'er!

    Som hun over skrev' det er mange i klassen min som får 2'ere. ;)

    Klem Silje Helen

    bloggen min: www. Siljehelensblogg.blogg.no

  6. takk :D

    men kommer ikke inn på bloggen din "/
    *kjenner igjen linken*