Betrayed + sleepover ?

book two, written by P.C. Cast, and her daugther Kristen Cast!
continued from the book "Marked".
This is Betrayed, and I have just started it ^^


Today I had two of my friends visiting, and we watched an old news-thingy from primary school!
I laughed sooo much!
we've grown up alot.

I had cut up carrots, and made dip , that I served :)
and we discussed a possible sleepover (involving the whole class!)

oh, and today it was SNOWING ;o

that's all for today

3 kommentarer:

  1. Norge er et merkelig land xP Jeg sitter å soler meg i varmen mens oppe hos deg snør det! x)

  2. ja, d er veldig dårlig gjort ;o
    her er det kaaaaaldt!!

  3. Jeg leser den boken for øyeblikket nå, jeg :D