bracelets :)

this is what I found when my jewellery fell down from the shelf!

from left:
-my silver bracelet I got from my gran. I wear it all the time!

-pearl bracelet I also got from my gran.

-friend-thing I got in a mag x)
it says: "best" , wich I share with my little sis!

-my read friend-bracelet I got from Jannicke !
I wear it when I'm not going to the pool :P

-friend-bracelet I made with Lisbet, but I haven't used for years!

-and finally, a bracelet I got from Melissas mum once.
it's old, but Melissa's got the same :)

when I find old stuff, I usually think: it takes space, I have to give it away.
but when it's something with history, I have to keep it ^^


4 kommentarer:

  1. i can't find my bracelet D:
    i can't belive you still got that bracelet <3

  2. You are using the bracelet I gave you! :D:D

    Jannicke <3

  3. of course I am Jannicke!!!